Enjoy not getting involved, Sherlock.

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Benedict Cumberbatch’s first time at Comic Con ➙ Recap.

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harry potter + popular text posts

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Lee Pace arrive for the New York special screening of “Guardians of the Galaxy” at the Crosby Hotel in SoHo, NYC.

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Thranduil in the new bofa trailer please help me i am slayed (x)

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makeup is a fucking art and if you shit on girls who wear makeup i will shit on everything you hold dear

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( x )

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Laurel Kate. 20. Slytherin. I like a lot of things including Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Supernatural. Lee Pace, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Tom Hiddleston are flawless and I hate them for it.